Leo Cancer Compatibility

When Cancer meets Leo it is water meeting fire, two completely opposite forces come together. Both have fragile egos and tend to get hurt pretty easily. Soft and vulnerable heart is the reason for vulnerability of the two zodiac signs as both are pretty caustic about criticisms in particular. Both Cancer and Leo require appreciation as well as care and concern from the people they love and they will both give double in return to them.

Since they are different from each other in temperament, such concerns do not have any adverse effect on the compatibility of the duo.As opposite poles attract, Cancer and Leo will also attract each other and their love nest would be warm and cozy and they will glow under each other’s warmth. Good thing is that conflicts are rare since Lion wants to rule and crab does not mind it. Only demand of Cancer is love and care of the partner.

Cancer is comfortable following Leo but will not like individuality to be disturbed. Caring and loving for the partner, Leo will revel in attention and Cancer who was born to be loved as well as protected will love the care extended by Leo. A perfect zodiac match, the two will lose themselves in each other. Relationship is likely to result in marriage and happy family life for them. Forming a mutual admiration society from the moment of their meeting, the two will experience hot chemistry that is perfect for sex and love. Sexual life will therefore be exotic, hot, and full of passion. Cancer finds financial luck with Leo and the two will share the spotlight as couple. Leo helps Cancer get rid of negative moods and Cancer provides loyalty and adoration that Leo craves for. Public display of affection will be characteristic in the relationship and as long as Leo extends affection to Cancer and gets loyalty in turn, the relationship will last and remain highly congenial. Only problem is that if they fail to follow the rules, one of the partners would be running for the hills. 

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