Leo Woman And Cancer Man

Despite great compatibility, partners have to trade to caution and care when the man is Cancer and woman is Leo. They have to deal with each other with compassion and compromising on some of the aspects to make the relationship work for long. Leo woman always seeks love and adoration while the Cancer man will always like to shower it on her. But Leo woman has to be careful about using harsh words with the soft and sentimental Cancer man.

The reason is that when feeling threatened, the Cancer man will retreat to his cell that would be very difficult to break even for the loving and dominating Leo. Despite being two extreme opposites, fire and water makes an astonishing amalgamation of passion as well as calmness. Enormous attraction will keep Cancer man and Leo woman clinging to each other though at times fire may have a horrifying effect on water and that may lead to devastation. Cancer man is strongly focused as well as determined person having great sense of humor with pronounced skills of leadership.

Enduring and compassionate, he will always be dedicated to his goal. When in love with Leo woman, Cancer man can play the role of ideal romantic lover almost effortlessly and easily woos the Leo woman displaying a loving and gentlemanly attitude. Leo woman however can get confused with the mood swings of his Cancer man that makes her feel uncomfortable. Extremely graceful and full of tantrums and delicacies, Leo woman loves challenges and will take them head on. Full of pride and elegance, she cannot withstand any ridicule. Cancer man will rarely ridicule anyone, let apart his lady love and that makes Leo woman happy about him. Leo woman gives passion and strength in the relationship with Cancer man. However, Cancer man has to give her adequate attention.

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