Cancer And Leo

Leo Cancer Compatibility

When Cancer meets Leo it is water meeting fire, two completely opposite forces come together. Both have fragile egos and tend to get hurt pretty easily. Soft and vulnerable heart is the reason for vulnerability of the two zodiac signs as both are pretty caustic about criticisms in particular. Both Cancer and Leo require appreciation as well as care and concern from the people they love and they will both give double in return to them.

Leo Woman And Cancer Man

Despite great compatibility, partners have to trade to caution and care when the man is Cancer and woman is Leo. They have to deal with each other with compassion and compromising on some of the aspects to make the relationship work for long. Leo woman always seeks love and adoration while the Cancer man will always like to shower it on her. But Leo woman has to be careful about using harsh words with the soft and sentimental Cancer man.

Cancer Woman And Leo Man

Leo man loves to spend time and also love on anyone who would adore him and he finds the perfect match in Cancer woman. Relationship will not require as much caution and care as in the reverse case of Cancer man and Leo woman. Leo man will make Cancer woman feel secure, loved, as well as protected. She on turn will allow him to take the lead showering him with lots of attention as well as affection. The man will feel really flattered with the attention and affection extended by his woman and on turn will drown the woman in passion.

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